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MALECóN 21, Beach Club & Restaurant at Costa Maya, Mahahual. Best Beach Break
Malecon21, Restaurant and Beach Club in Mahahual, Costa Maya, Mexico

Where is  MALECóN 21 located?

We are located right on the beach, in the best strip of the Mahahual beach walk, known in spanish as "Malecón".

Steps away from all the most popular hotels in town and right inside the newest luxury property developed in Mahahual.

Download the map and let your taxi driver know where we are, or just tell him to access the Malecón using "Calle Atún" (Tuna Street).


How far from the cruise ship is

MALECóN 21 located?

Taxi ride = 9 minutes (2.5 miles) $4usd per person depending on vehicle size.

Bike = 15 minutes (2.3 miles). When you reach the LightHouse continue on to the beach walk (Malecón), its beautiful scenery and bikes are welcome.

Walking = 45 minutes (2.3 miles).

How do I reserve a spot at MALECóN 21 ?

Book here


Do you offer any other services apart from bar and restaurant?

Yes! At the beach we can offer a wonderful massage, an exciting snorkeling tour, or a paddleboard ride!

Check them out here: DAY PASS & TOURS



Do you offer massages at MALECóN 21?

Yes! we have our very own massage therapists right on the beach, within a private zone designed to let you fully enjoy your massage!



Do you use purified water and ice in all your beverages and recipes?

Of course! All the water and ice we use are bottled/purified.

No Montezuma's revenge for you amigo! ;)

Can I rent a sunbed?

There is no rental costs on our beach!

We offer different packages, check them out!

Do you have a freshwater shower?

Yes, we do. At your disposal for free.

Is English spoken at MALECóN 21?

We speak English, Spanish and Italian!

What kind of food is on your menu?

We offer some Mexican favorites along with a wide variety of international dishes, the highest quality lobster, seafood, and meat in town, and of course... our Vegetarian and Vegan options!

Check our menu out!

Is it a good place for kids?

It's not only good... it's perfect!

Luckily, mother nature (or Hunab Ku as the Mayans referred to the creator) blessed us with a magnificent reef formation about 500 ft out, that creates a peaceful and shallow natural swimming pool that allows your kids to enjoy the sea without worrying about waves or tides... so the parents can relax and enjoy the Caribbean vibe.

Thank you, Hunab Ku!

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we currently accept Visa and Mastercard.

It's always a good idea to bring some cash with you in case we have connection issues... remember we live in a small fishing village in the middle of the Mayan natural reserve!


Do you offer beach towels?

Yes, we can provide you with a nice beach towel with a $5 USD laundry charge per towel.

What's your cancellation policy?


If you prepaid for your beach experience, you will get a full refund: 

· If the cruise ship can't dock at Costa Maya port for any reason.

· In case of medical issues (need to send us a medical statement)​​​​​​​

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